Every year I make a calendar by hand. It’s called the Zelfgemaakte Scheurkalender, the Handmade Block Calendar.

It consists of 365 pages of gorgeous content, sent to me by Anyone who has Anything that can be printed on an A6-paper (that’s a quarter of standerd sized printing paper).

All year round I collect content for the calendar ánd paper, at the end of august I start printing.

As I said, it is a handmade calendar: I print it by hand, at home (I call it the “factory” but it really just is my living room) with people who feel like helping out.

The calendar is printed on used paper: the front of the paper has been printed/drawn/written on by companies/people/anyone, the back was still empty. I love reusing this old paper. It means you get original content on the front of the calendar and then a quarter of some random content on the back. It looks a-ma-zing. Look:

On the left is the handmade calendar. On the right is the same content , but printed on new paper by lovely people, I have it made because otherwise I can’t keep up with demand.

You are welcome to contribute as well. Sent me anything you have, the specs are here, let me know if you need more explanation or just sent me anything and we’ll figure it out together.

And YESSSS I also really really want your paper. Save it for me. Give it to me. It’s precious.

So, bummer, you don’t speak Dutch. Most of the content on the Zelfgemaakte Scheurkalender is in Dutch, some of it is English, some of it is “Language Not a Problem”.

Do you speak another language? Help me translate this page in more languages, I’d love to reach more non-Dutch people. Contact